A Gorgeous Wedding On Lake Erie

Rolnecia says: “We were employed in December 2019. We discussed Eloping becoming a fun destination abroad. changed our Plans. We were in the United States and had an devoted elopement ceremony in Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio Lake Erie Shores. There were only 20 Witnesses of the Elopements. It was a special day.”

See how the couple pulled off a beautiful and devoted wedding that reflects their culture, style, and personalities below.

Pair: Bride Rolnecia Caroline Albert. Married-Brian Thomas Nelson.

Professions: Rolnecia works in the Ohio state government as director of the equal employment opportunities program. Brian works in Finance as a Producer for Hummel & Plum Insurance.

Quick Facts

  • Favorite products on the menu: we had a champagne Brunch. My favorite item on the menu was champagne, flowered by a Cupcake from my cake tower.
  • Bridesmaids / groomsmen gifts: I gave all my “Rose gold ladies” with custom flower silk dresses with their names engraved in them.
  • First dance song: “One Man Band” was our dance song.
  • Tips for Brides: Elope! If you want to have a peaceful day as much as possible, it is good to escape. I did it with a few witnesses and I’m so glad we did it!

Tell us how you met and everything about the proposal.

Rolnecia: Brian and I met online dating. Me (Rolnecia Carolina Albert) has always been very skeptical about online dating. I was that friend who said I would never try online dating. Then my friend Erica from Chicago told me how exciting her lunch dates were because of Bumble and I decided to give it a try.

Brian and I had our first real date at the Ohio State Fair in 2018. he always says he remembers me wearing white jeans that day. I remember he was a Gentleman, very caring, and I made sure he held my hand so we wouldn’t be separated in the crowd that came to the state fair in 2018.

Brian: I met Rolnecia on the bumble dating site. I come from a small town, so I decided to use a Dating Site to meet more people who are not near me. I was off the dating scene for a while because of my mother’s illness. Bumble offered me the best Option to meet women interested in getting to know me and me, because women need to let them know if they are interested before I can message them, and it helped me a lot! When I first saw Rolnecia’s Profile, I was immediately attached and hoped she was interested enough in me to send me a message! And she was! So we organized a brief meeting and we salute together. In my eyes, everything went very well and I absolutely wanted to see her again.

Our first Official date was a trip to The Ohio State Fair! I was surprised she wanted to leave and thought it would be a great way to see if we were doing well together. I still remember what she had that day, and I was delighted with her from the beginning! The appointment went well and we had a lot of laughs. After the first date, I knew it was her I was pursuing and that I hoped to make her become my girlfriend, and then hopefully make her my wife one day! Two years after this wonderful event, she made me the happiest man in the world!

How did you know they are “one”?

I knew Brian was the one because of his deep love for family. Since the passed away of his mother, he has taken great care to resume many previously established holiday traditions. He makes a special family noodle recipe on Thanksgiving and he maintains the family’s burial grounds during the seasons. His kindness and consistent presentation of responsibility earned my respect.

What did you initially plan for your wedding and how did you affect your wedding plans?

We got engaged in December 2019. We discussed Eloping becoming a fun destination abroad. changed our Plans. We were in the United States and had an devoted elopement ceremony in Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio Lake Erie Shores. There were only 20 Witnesses of the Elopements. It was a special day.

Describe Your Wedding Style.

Our wedding was by the lake (Lake Erie) and we literally photographed in front of a beach house. The style was fashionista just see life. We had an outdoor ceremony with views of the waves and then went to a Champagne Brunch. Peaceful, pleasant, hopeful … was the subject. My colors were Pearl, rose gold and a touch Of Onyx.

Describe your favorite wedding dress and wedding accessories.

I was wearing an elegant wedding dress in the shape of sweet lace wrap David Melissa Sweet Wedding. The bust was reinforced to show off my curvy girl figure. There was a plentiful kiss of pink gold Cinching at the Waist by a crystal and pink floral belt.

How did you Integrate your culture into your marriage?

We had a beautiful African tradition Jumping The Broom during our ceremony. Women read the importance and history of the broom jump, the guests counted 1, 2, 3, and then the bride and groom jumped. Moment of symbolic unity very special interracial marriage. The song GLORY was very well reproduced in photos and videos.

What is your best memory of your wedding?

My best memory of my wedding is when Brian and I thanked the witnesses at our Brunch. I realized that we had conducted the ceremony of eloquence in the peaceful and quiet manner that we had hoped for.

What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples planning their wedding during The recent times outbreak?

Pay for a videographer. Including Brian and I, we had only 22 people who attended the Elopement ceremony. It was ok because we paid for a professional videographer and photographer. It is an easy way to protect people in their homes and share the Moment with them by video or Zoom. Guests were encouraged to wear face covers and bring their own hand sanitizer. Outdoor ceremonies are ideal for social distancing! Encourage everyone who is sick to stay at home.

Other details…

The wedding song for the ceremony was written by Hillsong young and free. It was really a quiet and joyful moment. My guest list was so small, which meant a lot of people were excluded. It was great for my Peace of mind. Only the closest Sympathizers were present. It was a wonderful day. The sun shone, the waves of the lake break, Love in the air. I prayed for a beautiful day. God answered. Jeremiah 29: 11.

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