Beautiful Summer Wedding In Maryland

They would not connect until 18 years after when they followed each other on social networks. Their love quickly blossomed and Antree proposed in 2019 during their first vacation together in Jamaica.

They married a year after in a beautiful outdoor ceremony overlooking the water in Maryland. See all the gorgeous details of your summer wedding below.

Quick Facts

The gifts we gave our bridesmaids and groomsmen were the same-T-shirts with our wedding image and Hashtag , cards, and engraved mini jars filled with rose quartz crystals that we prayed would radiate the love we have for them.

  • Gifts for each other: a new diamond wedding band for and for him his 5 diamond studded titanium wedding band!
  • Ceremony entrance song for the groom was “Send it On” from Angelo and for the bride “my Song” From her
  • Reception entrance song was “Toast” by Kofee
  • First dance song: Donny Hathaway ” a song for you

How we met

We went to high school and had a brief meeting and graduated together, but we didn’t really know each other. Fast forward to 18 years after follow each other on social media. I approached him, we had a brief DM moment and, ironically, he was in town. We landed at the same jazz festival in Baltimore and after that meeting, we never let up from that day!


It happened a few weeks after our first real vacation together in Jamaica in 2019. it was my sister’s birthday party at my house; my whole family was there. Apparently, he told my mother and everyone that he intended to apply. But long after the end of the celebration, this still did not happen. Reluctantly, after staying with us until almost midnight, my sister and family left. Not knowing that he was taking me to our little meditation room around 1 a.m., he asked me to look into our garden, and when I turned around, he was on his knees with my beautiful ring. He told me he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Although my family was disappointed not to have seen him, he explained that he did not want to take away my sister’s birthday and that he wanted this Moment to be between him and me.

Wedding style

Our original Plan was Royal Caribbean and we kind of had it, but I would say it was more of a nice simple but elegant opportunity. I was wearing a dress by CRISTIANO LUCCI, after designed by a black Designer named Paulette Cleghorn. My husband was wearing a fitted and traditional traditional Tuxedo with a custom-made bodice from another black artist / designer. I had a great shopping experience at a local bridal boutique Elite Secrets Bridal Boutique in black, where I chose the first dress I tried on. Our experience was pretty simple when we went black-owned with everything from our stationery to our, decor, flowers, DJ, makeup, photography, videography, hair, nails, hairdresser, tailor.

My second dress was also beautiful, but it was a simple online purchase. Our shoes: the groom was wearing Stacy Adams and my two pairs were from Bagdley Mischka’s bridal collection. My veil, my helmet and my bouquet all came from the same bridal shop.

Integration of culture

We are believers in Christ so, as a guest, we sat down a worship Playlist created and tried to have sage, lavender and other burning essential oils as our guest sat down.

The best Memory

For my husband, it was when he saw me go down the hall and our common memory was when we were dancing at the reception advertised as Mr. and Mrs. Corsley Edwards II

Tips for engaged couples

Pray daily together and establish positive intentions positive expectations and be patient with each other. We pray every morning together to order our day, and we also prayed for the atmosphere we wanted for our wedding anniversary, Right down to the weather, energy and beyond. We had the most beautiful and beautiful day (and the perfect weather)!

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