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When Danielle and Kenneth met in 2009 at a birthday party, they were full of young love and infatuation.

Danielle recalls: “the attraction was immediate and fascinating. We were 21 and 22 years old.”They didn’t have much money for dates, so they used free attractions and other attractions, like romantic waterside walks and picnics in the park. But it’s easy to be in love during infatuation. The real Testament is that Danielle and Kenneth were able to keep their love strong for 10 years.

In April 2018, Kenneth struck out during a surprise birthday he threw for Danielle. A year after, they married as 10 years of love and friendship and a new commitment to create more memorable moments.

Her wedding theme was “Luxurious and modern Romance” with a spring color palette of rose, rose gold and champagne. Their nuptials began with a beautiful outdoor ceremony in downtown Philadelphia. Tears flowed in their eyes as they made cordial vows to each other. During their magnificent indoor reception, they made sure to show their love for their hometown. One of the groom’s favorite foods is Philly Cheesesteaks and the bride loves funnel cakes. Thus, they contain mini cheesesteaks and funnel cake fries in martini jars. Yum!

See all the fabulous details below-small.

Did you personalize the day in one way or another?

The day was very personal and subtle references to customization were everywhere. One of the most fun and popular parts of the day was when the groom and I made stone paper scissors to see who recited their vows first. One of the groom’s favorite foods are Philly Cheesesteaks and the bride loves funnel cakes. So, at night there were mini Cheesesteaks and funnel cake fries in Martini jars. Yum!

How do you choose your wedding day-look?

The Bride wore a Milady boutique-Dress Eve. The style was shaped and flared with a transparent body and chopped straps. Everywhere there was hand-carved lace, a low back with roses adorning the lower back, a horsehair train of Red color. The shoes were Badgley & Mischka Closed-Toe and Ankle-Strapped Heels. Adorned with glass and Swarovski crystals hand beads with flower detail. The groom wore a custom-made Pearl Shimmer Paisley Tuxedo Jacket with Black Satin lapels, Buttons, and details. For pants, he wore black tuxedo pants with black satin stripes. For shoes, he wore velvet shoes with gold details.

What is the most anticipated or special moment of your wedding day?

The most anticipated moment of the day was our first dance. Kenneth and I were super nervous because we’re very reserved and don’t like the spotlight. But as we kissed as we slowly danced to Usher’s” Here I Stand, ” rose petals fell from the ceiling and it was super magical.

Do you have any wedding or wedding planning tips that you want to share with other couples who are planning your day?

For planning advice, I would say that if you can afford it, hire someone if you are not a planner, or seek advice from someone who is used to planning. There are many small details that you will not recognize if you are not used to planning an event. And to save yourself from headaches or Stress on your wedding day, just hire help or assign a friend or relative for a specific task, because it will make the day easier. At my wedding, we didn’t hire help as a planner, but my photographer had a photo plan that kept us on time, which made my day a lot easier. And as far as marriage counseling, the day is on both of you and no one else. So, do what makes you happy!

How were your wedding flowers?

There were large fresh floral arrangements in Red, pink and cream, as well as low Arrangements in the same colors. The favorite flower of the bride was the Rose, incorporated everywhere, as well as hydrangeas with cream. The bridesmaids held bouquets of cream roses to balance their pink dresses, and the bride held a larger version of a bouquet of Red and cream roses. Flowers played a big role in creating and achieving a romantic effect.

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