Check Out This Vibrant Multicultural Wedding

When Cheryl met Maurice, he wasn’t quite himself.

But this is only because they met at a party during a Halloween cruise. Maurice was dressed as Ike Turner as he made his way to Cheryl to introduce himself. He immediately made her smile when he told her,” Heyyyyyy, we’re going to have some cute kids, ” And after some persistence, Cheryl agreed to exchange numbers.

It was a charming start to a beautiful relationship strengthened by their shared spiritual beliefs. Cheryl shares: “Maurice and I knew we should cross paths and pursue a relationship. Our knowledge of but came progressive through our understanding and knowledge of Christ. The Lord brought us together and refined and renewed us from our shortcomings during our relationship. Through prayer and reflection, God has given us confirmation that we are publishing in court for purposes and not for purposes.”

They made sure to honor their faith in God with a beautiful church ceremony for their wedding. Maurice is African American, and Cheryl is South Indian, so they also found many ways to incorporate their cultures into their big day. Cheryl shares with “” We jumped on the broom, had house music, had Chicago footwork and a drumline to name a few to celebrate Mauritius’s culture, and we had a blessing of the Madragodi (Indian saree) to denote a woman who submits to her husband, and tying the Thali (thread) to denote a husband who loves and honors his wife, along with Indian music to name a few to celebrate South Indian culture.”

Read more about their love story, Maurice epic plane proposal and check out all the photos from their gorgeous multicultural wedding ci-small.

Quick Facts

  • What gifts have you given your bridesmaids and groomsmen? I gave my bridesmaids earrings, wine and dresses. Dra gave his groomsmen Whiskey (Dra is a Whiskey consumer), cigar, cigar cutter, bow tie and socks.
  • Ceremony entry song:” Best Part ” by H. E. R, played by saxophonist B. Courtland music
  • First dance song: SWV – “Anything”

How we met

We put on the Spirit of Chicago cruise on the eve of Halloween in 2015. Maurice wanted to celebrate his 25th birthday with his closest family and friends, and I wanted to have a girls ‘ night that a friend had planned. It was a four-hour cruise, but we did not meet until ten minutes before the boat. In those ten minutes, a friend and I heard a group of people having a great time on the dance floor, and we decided to travel to where the celebration was held to enjoy the last minutes of that night. Make our money worth I should say! When we made it, I felt someone (now my sister-in-law) running their hands through my hair and heard them say, “Talk to my brother.”It was then that my friend nudged me and said,” Girl talk to him.”I was standing there thinking,” huh?”who?””I’m sorry, who are you touching my hair?!”The next thing you know, Maurice aka Ike Turner that night turned around, pointed at me and hit me with the…”Heyyyyyy we’re going to have some cute kids.”Followed with” What’s your name?””How old are you? “Do you have a boyfriend?”while I was standing there with a side eye like” umm who are you?!”Then Maurice struck her with the …”I am mahogany – chestnut baby!”Such a cheesy line led to a few laughs and after some persistence we exchanged numbers that night and have been connected ever since.

The surprise proposal

The proposal was a SURPRISE. While I was preparing for a new job and helping Maurice move into his new apartment, he staged the most thoughtful, beautiful and elaborate wedding proposal! At the beginning, Maurice asked if I would fly with him and his buddy and girlfriend that Monday. Both Maurice and his boyfriend are pilots. We were planning to have a double date and fly to a fun little restaurant in Michigan. I found out after that that was exactly what they told me, and his buddy’s girlfriend was never supposed to come! They threw that in as bait so I wouldn’t get suspicious and wonder if his mate would be ok with being a third wheel and eventually ruining his plans.

The day of, his buddy told me that she was unexpectedly called to work and couldn’t make it. Nothing unusual, since this often happens in their work. Behind the scenes, Maurice asked my parents for their blessing This Friday Before, he asked his whole family to be involved in the day of the barbecue, he asked my family to attend the barbecue so that both families met for the first time, he spelled out in large white letters “” WILL YOU MARRY ME?”on the lawn of his parents’ backyard, he asked his best friend to stage cameras on the plane to get all the footage of the reaction, and had his pilot buddy help him operate the plane so he could ask me the big question!

The day of the proposal was craziness! The actual day was extremely windy, the runway at the airport where we were supposed to take off was strapped on, Maurice best friend was after, my parents came to the barbecue extremely early, the letters that spelled ” Will you marry me?”blew away because of the wind, and I was hungry! Let’s just say Maurice was stressed internally, but outwardly he looked calm, cool, and collected. Everything worked out in itself. Maurice best friend showed up and installed the cameras(another bait he told me was there to collect footage for a video he was filming and needed aerial footage of Maurice flying). I know you might think this was a giveaway and a light bulb would go out, but this wasn’t new to his best friend and his industry job. He would often ask to do such things with Maurice. Maurice’s family and my family got the sign together, which could disappear and wind finally subsidy before the final launch. After an hour or so of waiting Maurice, his buddy and I took off! Maurice was the captain, I was the first officer, and his mate sat in the back and claimed he was ” not feeling well.”Another bait to get me in the front seat before everything went down.

When we were traveling, Maurice made a comment and said, “We are close to my parents’ neighborhood.”I unwittingly helped with this proposal by replying:” Yes! let’s fly past the house.Maurice smiled and said,” as you please.”Behold, we fly past the house and all I see is that everyone is huddled in a circle and waving to us from ci-small, releasing their balloons and the white sign saying” WILL YOU MARRY ME?”I was surprised! I just thought, how?! How did you do all this?! We laughed and smiled, and I said yes! Maurice let our families below know that I said ” yes ” by rocking his wings in the air. We landed shortly after and went to his parents ‘ house to party, talk and eat. It was truly an unforgettable day!

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