Destination Wedding In A Courthouse In Italy

Victoria Turner and Thorrell decided to have a wedding at the destination for several reasons.

Victoria Actions ” 1. Local Weddings in the DMV-Area were so expensive. We wanted to have an amazing experience if we had to spend a lot of money. 2. we wanted our children to experience an international trip and feel like a wedding. We chose Italy because it was the next place on our bucket list and my husband left Italian.”

They spent a few days in Rome before the wedding to complete paperwork and see sites they had never known before. On the day of the wedding, your family and friends chartered a bus to Tivoli. Victoria recalls “” when we got to Tivoli, we had to cross the small town to go to court because the streets were too small for a bus. As we drove through the city, we heard the locals shout ” Augri!”and the locals who passed by, waved and kissed as if we belonged to them, so that we really feel so special on our wedding day.”

They were married in the historic Courthouse with the magistrate of Tivoli and other local officials. The wedding ceremony was in Italian and her planner helped with the translation of everything. The historical artwork on the courtroom wall made them feel like they were getting married in an art gallery.

After the wedding ceremony, they left the Courthouse, while family and friends threw rice in the air as congratulations, and they walked back to a part of the city to a restaurant where they had their reception. Victoria recalls: “We ate at this amazing restaurant with breathtaking views. The terrace was covered with vines and trees, as if we were sitting in a garden for the gods. The weather was perfect for a Friday in October. Clear sky, warm weather with a gentle breeze.”

It was a magical experience. See all the details of your quirky destination wedding below.

How did you meet?

We both worked for HSBC and met there.

Tell us about the Proposal.

He offered me while we were home alone. I told him again and again, “I don’t think the ring is in the house” and he showed me and suggested. I kind of ruined his plans by being curious lol.

Describe Your Wedding Clothes.

My dress was made by Travian Vann. I loved the fact that I could choose lace on my wedding dress. Away from The shoulder with a line + trumpet finish. Nothing special about the costume other than everyone had coordinate with the colors that were burgundy, dusty blue, and coral.

What was The wedding shopping experience like for you?

It was fun and exciting that I worked with the vendors I met through the wedding photography industry. From the United States, I made sure to support black businesses. My planner was amazing and helped us step by step with the ceremony and dinner in Italy. She was also our guide for 2 days while we were in Rome.

Have you built a culture into your marriage?

We wanted an Italian Wedding. No American wedding in Italy. So we have selected All the wedding foods and cakes that best correspond to Italian traditions.

What is Your best Memory of Your Wedding?

The best part was throwing rice at the end of the ceremony. It was so much fun to live. And strangers who congratulate us and make us feel welcome.

What is the best marriage advice you can give to engaged couples?

If you decide to have a destination wedding, hire a planner!!! They can help you with paperwork deadlines and what is expected in the country where you are getting married. Simonetta helped so much and was the absolute best.

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