Gorgeous Pre Wedding Shoot In San Jose

They married on August 25, 2020, but had to reorganize due to They always wanted to have fun on their original wedding date, so they had a nice photo film before the wedding.

Bride-to-be Ruchi shares, ” it was almost 100 degrees that day and we honestly saw it as a blessing that our guests didn’t have to endure as it would have been our original wedding day. It was a long day, but we had so much fun together and met our photographer who will also film our wedding.”

The couple had three fabulous outfit changes during filming! See all details below.

How did you meet?

O an Indian dating app called Dil Mil

What did you do on your first date?

We went around the Mission District in San Francisco. We had drinks in the armory and dinner in Puerto Alegrae.

Tell us your suggestion story.

We love watching the bachelor, so he hosted a” last rose ceremony ” at the San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts. He even let his brother play the role of Chris Harrison and my friends are the other contestants he “eliminated”. He then gave me the last Rose before falling to one knee. The scene was complete with a violin player, roses and candles everywhere

Describe Your Engagement Session.

It was very romantic! A bit like an Alice theme in the land of merveilles.Je wanted to wear red, the color that Indian brides traditionally wear. We wore our masks between each photo and our photographer had even brought a Pop-up cloakroom tent that I could use between outfits! I also love Alice in Wonderland, so my red dress was inspired by the Red Queen and my blue romper was more of an Alice vibe. The denim jacket I wore on the beach was a gift from all my bridesmaids and engraved “Mrs. Sabat” on the back.

What is your favorite activity as a couple?

Playing with our Cat, Kim Klawdashian.

How was wedding planning so far?

Very stressful because of our change, but luckily our families were amazing.

Tell us what you expect the most on the wedding day.

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