Hevenly Beutiful Desert Elopement In Las Vegas

Minimal, chic and perfect in every way. This escape to the desert was all this couple could have asked for.

If there’s one thing has taught us, IT’s that there’s no better time than now to do all the things you wanted to do. Couples in 2020 faced difficult decisions about postponing their marriage or striving for something more devoted. While many couples have decided to postpone, many have also decided to run away and celebrate when it is safe to do so.

Angeline and Lamont have made the decision to flee rather than postpone. They chose the minimal deserts of Las Vegas and chose sunrise because of the atmosphere that the sunrise creates. Since their marriage was not traditional, there was less focus on typical wedding formalities. For example, they made projects together. “We made champagne glasses, shot glasses and personalized coasters for our friends who had the opportunity to join us,” says Angeline. In addition, Angelina made her own bouquet of silk. All in all, their escape to the desert was the perfect reflection of their style, and a great way to start their life together.


How did you meet?

I had just graduated from university and moved to a new city to start a whole new job. Wandering around the hospital, I came across Lamont and he helped me visit. We exchanged numbers and went to an appointment. After the first date I knew it! I called all my friends and told them that I had found my husband. Obviously, they thought I was crazy.

Tell us all about the proposal.

In January we made a trip to Las Angeles, California. We went to Griffin park observatory and Lamont scheduled at sunset.

Wedding Style: Describe Your Wedding Attire

We wanted our outfits to express our personal style( even if it’s not the traditional wedding style) and not be based on the 100+ degree Vegas Sun. I found a simple white pantsuit that I just fell in love with fashion nova. We flew to Las Vegas from Baltimore, MD, so bringing fresh flowers for a bouquet would be almost impossible. We also didn’t know if florists would be opened because of . I decided to make my own bouquet of flowers from silk. I used bright colors to compliment the morning sun as we planned to run away at sunrise in Red rock national Park . Lamont wore gray pants with a light button shirt and gray suspenders. We found a checkered bow tie with a touch of orange to tie our look together.

What did the wedding shopping experience look like to you?

Super fun! We went to Michael and did DIY projects together. We customized champagne glasses, shot glasses and coasters for our friends who had the opportunity to join us. Buying clothes was a little more difficult as stores were closed and shipping times were extended due to the recent times. But still everything went well.

Culture: Have you integrated a culture into your marriage? If so, tell us more.
We need to integrate our cultures through music and food after the ceremony. We hope to do more next year at a larger celebration with our family and friends.

Memories: What is your best memory of your wedding?

Lamont’s favorite souvenir: had the chance to sit together after the festivities. We sat together in the private spa, talking about our day, eating deserts and relaxing.

Angie’s favorite: the moment we pronounced husband and wife. When I realized that I would spend the rest of my life with Lamont. The best and easiest decision I’ve ever made.

What is the best wedding tip you can give to engaged couples?

Be flexible and do what makes you happy as a couple. Shake some traditions at the end of the day, the most important thing is to celebrate your love.

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